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A Cooperative Weed Management Area (CWMA) was recently formed in Mississippi.  The Mississippi CWMA is a 501(c)3 organization and was organized exclusively for the charitable, agricultural, scientific, literary and educational purposes:


·  To encourage the proper use of integrated weed management methods within the state of Mississippi and surrounding states.

·  To establish weed management priorities needing attention in the state.

·  To promote education that encourages public awareness of exotic invasive and noxious vegetations (weeds) that leads to sound and sustaining land stewardship.

·  To promote and support university programs in applied research and extension that will address exotic invasive and noxious weed problems in Mississippi and surrounding states.

·  To support and foster cooperation with commercial, private, non-profit and public organizations/interests within Mississippi and surrounding states for the resolution of exotic invasive and noxious vegetation (weed) problems.

·  To update and maintain state legislation and regulations pertaining to exotic, Invasive noxious vegetation and their management.

As of December 2009, over 40 governmental and private organizations signed a memorandum of agreement to participate in the MS CWMA with each having an opportunity to have a representation on the CWMA Board of Directors.


If you are interested in invasive species training workshops or other information about the Mississippi CWMA, please contact Victor Maddox, CWMA Coordinator.


NRVMA 2014 Annual Conference
Oct 7-10, 2014
Von Braun Center
Huntsville, AL

41st Natural Areas Conference
October 15-17, 2014
Dayton, OH

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